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CarTurner Turntable at Jay Leno's Garage

Watch the "First Look: 2104 Corvette Stingray - Jay Leno's Garage" video.
That Stingray is on a mirrored-finish CarTurner!

The Auto Turntable - New CarTurner Product Link

There is not a better quality, lower cost, simpler to install, and more easily maintained auto turntable than the CarTurner.

Built with stainless steel plate for durability and a choice of finishes, our auto turntable can be easily installed in a couple hours. And best of all, we will install it for free in the continental 48 states!

Where Are CarTurners?

Our CarTurners are displaying those high-quality showroom autos, rotating the auto during a photo shoot and navigating a difficult garage parking problem.

Photo Booth using CarTurner Turntable Auto Showroom Displays

For many auto dealers, making their premium autos appear as enticing as possible to their customers is crucial.

Consider a high-end auto on a revolving CarTurner with a mirrored finish, showing that freshly-finished car with its classic or rakish lines to its absolute best. An enthusiastic buyer watches as the auto turns slowly in front of him like admiring a piece of equisite jewelry.

Lamborghini on CarTurner Turntable Auto Photo Booths

Fo an auto photo shoot set the background, set the lights and position the camera for the first shot.

For the next shot you have a choice: reposition your lghts and camera for the second shot or with a remote control rotate the car to its next position because its mounted on a CarTurner.

Auto Auction using a CarTurner Turntable Residences

Many select homes on unique properties have a challenge accessing the garage. Then reversing to the street is asking for more trouble.

Why bother? You can drive on to a CarTurner in the garage or in the narrow or crowded driveway, turn the car around with the click of a button, and suddenly your are facing out for an easy exit!

Our non-skid, powdered-coated, stainless steel CarTurner is perfect in a garage or driveway. All CarTurners sit on the ground, driveway or garage floor, no excavation unless you want a flush-mount!

Auto Auction using a CarTurner Turntable Auto Auctions and Auto Shows

Whether at an auto auction or an auto show for fabricators and enthusiasits, everyone wants their automobile to look its best.

An auctioneer wants the best price for the sale. The fabricator wants the audience to be awed by his creative skills and notice all the unique touches added even under the chasis. The answer for all: a mirrored-finish CarTurner!

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